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Topic in fandom_muses

Sep. 5th, 2006 | 10:40 am

Dear Piper and Phoebe,

I never wanted to show weakness in front of you. I never wanted you to know I was scared or sick. I wanted the two of you to believe that I was always in control and the ironic thing is that was my biggest weakness.

A truly strong person knows when to ask for help. A strong person knows when it is ok to break down. I never did.

My pride could have gotten us in trouble several time but I kept on pushing forward and never admitted there was problem.

I wanted you both to feel safe and protected. I did that even before we were witches. Mom and Grams trusted you to me and I felt obligated to keep you safe. But I never stopped to think about myself and that could have been dangerous.

I am sorry. I wish I had told you this while I was alive but I didn’t. I guess that is why I write these letters.

Prue places this letter on Piper’s bedside table. She watches her sister sleep for a moment and then disappears again.

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Topic in thetrical_muse

Sep. 5th, 2006 | 08:29 am


Webster’s defines monogamy as having one spouse at a time. Of course in modern society we don’t use the term just in cases of marriage but in any romantic or sexual relationship.

I myself never really had a problem with monogamy but I know people who did. To me- it wasn’t just about being with one person. The definition that Webster’s provided really doesn’t describe what the term really means.

As an adult I don’t think there is anything wrong with having multiple partners. I don’t think that is right for me but it is for some people. The real issue with monogamy is trust.

I took a seminar in college about woman and relationships. It was taught but this very “enlightened woman” who believed it was not in human nature to monogamous. I made her very angry when I argued that point.

Humans may not be monogamous by nature and that may make being faithful seem absurd however we have another natural instinct jealousy. When our partner is with someone else we feel betrayed.

Humans form more than just physical attachments- we form emotional ones. Because of that we stay monogamous to out “spouses”.

At least that is what I think.

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Topic # 33 in fandom_muses

Aug. 8th, 2006 | 01:04 pm

Dear Piper,
I didn’t want to be a witch for all of the obvious reasons. It was dangerous and tiem consuming. But once we were witches I found it had its merits. It certainly brought us closer together.

It was wonderful spending so much time with you and phoebe. It was nice getting to know both of you better. I saw you turning into the woman you were meant to be and it was amazing for me.

Plus being a witch mad me feel closer to mom. I missed her so much my whole life and then suddenly I felt so close to her through magic, through purpose and through saving innocence.

But all good things must come to an end. One of us had to die to make way for Paige. I am not bitter. Not anymore. Remember the goods things aren’t suppose to last. We all have destiny and purpose and then we move on.

I love you,


Prue slipped the letter into the book of shadows. She took a moment to flip through it and reminiced about beign a witch. "Aprreciate it while you have it guys" she whispered intot he wind before dissapearing.

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Topic # 138 in theatrical_muse

Aug. 8th, 2006 | 12:40 pm

Sprits are interesting subject for me- Hell, I was one. I used to fear spirits- even thought I fought them I used to fear them until I became one.

I can remember after my death that I was afraid of what would become of me. I needn’t fear it. My mother and my grandmother helped me adjust to being dead. They taught me the way of being a spirit and in time it became second nature.

I used to watch over Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Every time the book turned pages by itself the assumed it was grams but sometimes it was I.

When Piper had her children I was there watching in the wings. When Phoebe started her career I was there and cheering her on. When Paige struggled to fit in their world I was there and hovering above her whispering good things in her ears.

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Prue/Cole ficlet for charmed_life_rp

Aug. 1st, 2006 | 04:08 pm

Title: Like we never loved at all (3/?)
Author: pridenprudence or h_weasley
Pairing: Prue/Cole
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult themes
A/N: Third one shot in series. Time line for charmed_life_rp.

Prue walked into the mausoleum and sighed sadly. Cole was dead and there was nothing she could do to bring him back but she could say goodbye to him. Prue knelt down on the ground where Phoebe vanquished him. Prue could feel tears burning her eyes. “Cole-I am sorry. This whole time you have been with Phoebe I have given you a hard time and I-“ Prue trailed off trying not to cry. “I am so sorry. I wish you were here. I wish you weren’t dead.”

Prue heard a chuckle behind her, “Me too” Cole said.

She turned around and then used her powers to throw him against the wall. “You fucking jerk” she hissed walking towards him.

Cole sat up, “Want to match powers?” he asked. The he face softened momentarily, ‘I am sorry but Phoebe and I?”

“Phoebe?” Prue interrupted, “Phoebe faked your death. She lied to us”

Cole just chuckled, “Talk about keeping things from your sisters” he smirked. He leered at her as he stood up. “Does Phoebe know about us?”

Prue screamed and used her powers again this time throwing him harder.

“Have little respect for the dead, Prue,” he teased as he stood up.

Prue saw that smile and melted before either of them knew what happened Prue was attacking Cole with her mouth. The two tumbled onto the ground- limbs tangling and making guttural sounds.

Prue sat up after they were done and saw very naked Cole. “Oh my” she started, ‘I have to go” She started gathering her things up and trying to re-dress herself.

“Prue” he called as she was rushing for the door. Prue turned around and saw him putting his pants on. “Don’t tell anyone about this”

That hurt Prue but she knew it was for the best. Instead of just saying it she sneered, “Duh” she replied and ran off into the night.

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Prue/Cole ficlets for charmed_life_rp

Aug. 1st, 2006 | 03:58 pm

Title: Like we never loved at all (2/?)
Author: pridenprudence or h_weasley
Pairing: Prue/Cole
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult themes
A/N: Second one shot in series. Time line for charmed_life_rp.

“Yeah, and unfortunately our guardian angel is no where to be found, “Phoebe said. She looks up. “We sure could use some cosmic help right now. What are we supposed to do? We've never been in this situation before.”
“You better decide fast. Here comes the ADA.”
Prue looked to what Darryl was referring to and nearly fainted. It was like seeing a ghost. A jerk of a ghost who breaks off your hot little tryst without so much as a word. Cole Turner was the ADA? She knew he was a lawyer but the ADA.
Prue had met Cole in a bar about sixth month’s prior. She was drunk and needed comfort. The comfort lasted a few moths and the comfort was spectacular. But apparently Cole no longer needed comfort from Prue because about a month ago he disappeared.
Suddenly Prue was terrified- what if Cole showed recognition in front of Phoebe and Darryl- how would she explain? But Prue need not worry Cole regarded them with a friendly but unrecognizing smile. It was as if he never knew
Prue could tell immediately that Phoebe took a shine to Cole and it made her blood boil. H was mine first, Prue thought angrily.
Cole smiled at them, “Ladies. My name is Cole Turner and I'm the Assistant District Attorney assigned to this case. I was wondering if either of you saw what happened here.”
Phoebe raised her hand, “I did”
Prue rolled her eyes. Phoebe was so obvious. She glared at Cole who still showed no recognition,. Fine, she thought, two could play that game. She would just pretend that she and Cole never slept together. But it hurt- more than she wanted to admit.

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PrueCole ficlets for Timeline in charmed_life_rp

Aug. 1st, 2006 | 03:52 pm

Title:: First meeting (1/?)
Author: pridenprudence or h_weasley
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, sexual themes
A/N: This is the first one shot ina series. It is a tiemline based on my Charmed RP- charmed_life_rp

Prue downed her fourth drink of the evening and sighed deeply. “Bane – you suck. Why are you in jail?” she asked aloud. People started looking at her funny. “What?” she snapped. “You want some?” she asked a particularly good-looking woman at the end of the bar and then went back to her drink. “Empty” she whined, “Bartender- one more please”

“Put it on my tab” said a voice over her shoulder. Prue looked up and saw tall, dark and handsome stranger. “Hello” he started, “I am Cole Turner”

Prue regarded him silently for a moment. “Is telling you my name necessary?” Prue asked. Cole shook his head.

“You can do anything you want,” He answered. The bartender brought Prue her drink and she turned it up quickly.

“So- Cole Turner” Prue started, “What do you do?”

“I am lawyer,” he answered taking a sip from his own glass of whiskey, “And you?”

Prue thought about that for a moment- not sure what to tell him, “I am a big sister. Re-fucking-sponsible. Everybody’s momma” Prue looked up into the handsome face of her new friend. “Without me I truly believe they would stupid to death”

Cole laughed and leaned in, “Well- good thing you are around, huh?”

The music was intoxicating as the alcohol. She didn’t even feel bad for going to a club that wasn’t P3- she didn’t feel guilty now after being plastered for a few hours. Prue suddenly put her glass down, “Want to dance?”

“I don’t dance well” Cole replied. “Sorry- not my thing”

She needed to do something. She needed to be out of this rut. Prue looked at him long and hard. “Want to have sex?” Prue asked. “Do you do that well?”

Cole raised an eyebrow at her and smirked, “Extremely” he answered.

“Let’s go to your place” Prue said grabbing him by the hand and leading him out of the nightclub.

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Topic # 30 infandom_muses

Jul. 25th, 2006 | 03:51 pm

Dear Phoebe,

I have to tell you a secret.

I was in love with Bane Jessup. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a surprise to you but it made me feel like a hypocrite.

I was in love with a man who did evil things and I always wanted to believe he was honest. The I was so quick to judge Cole. Maybe I was so judgmental of Cole because I was jealous. You got Cole-maybe not forever and it might not have been easy but you had him. My man went to jail and I never saw him again.

I always believed bane would come back for me or at least write. He never did contact me again. He didn’t even come to my funeral.

So- that is my secret. I am sorry I didn’t tell you before. Maybe it would have helped you in some way-maybe not but I was a bad sister and I am sorry.

All the love in the world,


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Inheritance topic in theatrical_muse

Jul. 21st, 2006 | 09:00 am


I inherited many things from my family. I got my mother’s eyes , her temper and a lot of her wardrobe from the seventies. My grandmother passed onto me a house, her money (which was modest but helped) and the family home. Then of course came the witchcraft-that was surprising inheritance.

But that is the inheritance that changed my life. No- the inheritance that changed the course of my life and helped shaped me into the person that I am. No my real inheritance was my sisters and responsibility.

It was always assumed growing up that I was a replacement mommy. I had to change plans for my sisters, I had to give up things for my sisters, I got in trouble for my sisters-I was older and knew better. I will be honest there was time I resented both of them for it. But after being dead and coming back I realize how much I needed that. I needed to take care of people-it is a part of who I am. I may get irritated with my sisters from time to time but I love being there for them. They are my greatest inheritance.

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Topic # 133 in theatrical_muse

Jul. 3rd, 2006 | 11:37 am

If Phoebe had never come home from New York- If Phoebe had never opened the book of Shadows than we would never have been witches. There were times I wished that were the case. Some nights-even now-I wish we would have left well enough alone. But then I would save an innocent or see how happy being a witch made Phoebe and it was all worth it.

Moments that I wonder what that would have changed-would Andy be alive? Would I have died? Would Piper have found Leo? Would Phoebe have found Cole? Would we ever know our family’s secrets? Would our dad have come back in our lives? The answers we will never know-I will never know and it is best if we don’t ask.

I guess anyone can what if. What if’ing helps us deal with life. It gives us a sense of control. If I had made a different choice-if they had made a different choice our lives would different. But the truth is we have know idea what would change.

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Topic # 28 in fandom_muses

Jul. 3rd, 2006 | 10:42 am

Dear Piper-

Another letter from the dead to (one of) my dearest sister(s).

This letter is about sex.

Sex. One of the many things I miss about being alive.

I was very conservative when I was alive-I know this. I may have been conservative but I enjoyed myself a little sex now and then. I have had a lot of time up here to think on the things and people in my life. If there is one thing about sex we as woman must remember it is this: All men are different.

Take Andy. He was sweet and loving. It was intimate and passionate. Wine, candles etc…you get the picture.

Rodger was inept. He tried to seem smooth and suave but he lasted five minutes and usually hit my head against something hard-causing me to become violently ill.

Bane. He was a mix of passion and heat. There were slow kisses but there was also hunger and need. As much as I loved Andy there was something between Bane and I that couldn’t be described. Sex was a whole new experience with him.

So, I guess this is not conversation you wanted to have with your older sister. I was always more a mother figure to you than a sister so you don’t want to imagine me having sex. At least that is what Phoebe always said. I just felt the need to share.

Take care. Miss you-love you.

Yours Prue.

Prue folded the letter and stuck it in the Book of Shadows. She took a second to look around and felt a pang in her heart. Prue heard a noise from above, “I am coming Grams” she snapped before disappearing into a beam of light

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Topic # 125 in theatrical_muse

Jun. 21st, 2006 | 02:00 pm

[[OOC:I am picking out some topics I liked from the past-I might post a couple today]]

Who was the one that got away


Bane Jessup. So pretty to look at but he was also kind. Our relationship was short and complicated. I never told anyone-not even my sisters-but I had fallen in love with the convict. Maybe Piper and Phoebe knew I loved him. Maybe that is what scared them. I know bane tried to kill me once, then kidnapped me, and then used me to kill an upper level demon that was after him but Bane saved our lives that night.

The last time I saw Bane he was being taken back to jail and I knew I would never see him again. Bane asked me to run away with him and I considered it. My logical side won out- I couldn’t run away and start a life and a family with a fugitive. But the dreamer in me wanted to go so badly and never look back.

I think about Bane and I wonder what might have been.

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Topic # 25 in fandom_muses

Jun. 16th, 2006 | 03:20 pm

Dear Piper,

I was thinking today about my temper as a child. I was remembering some of the things that used to get me so upset. I think my biggest pet peeve was Phoebe. Don’t get me wrong-I love Phoebe very much but she always found a way to push my buttons.

She would borrow my clothes and never return them. She would answer the phone when Andy called and try to be cute by telling embarrassing Prue stories. She would follow us wherever we went- and usually get us in trouble in the process. Phoebe had the uncanny ability to just wear on my last nerve. Nobody could push my buttons quite like her.

I think phoebe has made more progress than anyone else I know in the maturity department but she wasn’t always that way. I guess I am bad sister for saying my biggest pet peeve was my baby sister but at least I am honest.

Yours Prue.

Prue laughs as she sticks the letter in the Book of Shadows. She hears someone at the door of the attic and leaves the room quickly

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Topic # 130 in theatrical_muse

Jun. 13th, 2006 | 10:54 am


I feel as if I am a broken record here. I seem to be saying the same things over and over again but what can I do? Since I have been alive again only a few people really cross my mind and there is really nothing I can do about it. I am stuck in certain places with no way to move forward.

Everyone thinks I am loyal and maybe I am. But the most loyal person I ever knew was Andy. Andy who wanted to be with me but was willing to walk away so I could fulfill my destiny. Andy who risked his relationship with his partner to keep me safe. Darryl kept pushing Andy to be honest with him and Andy refused. He tried to make Darryl understand why he couldn’t share with him. Darryl was as understanding as possible but there a tension when Andy passed. His relationship with Darryl was beyond repair-he did that for me, he risked his job for me, then he lost his job for me, and finally he died for me.

Maybe Loyalty is measured in different ways to different people. Phoebe and Piper might tell you I am loyal person and maybe they are right. But Andy took the trophy home for this one. My Andy.

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Topic # 23 fandom_muses

Jun. 10th, 2006 | 12:25 pm

Dear Piper

I have decided to start writing you letters. I can see you from where I am and I can’t help you and that hurts. So to ease my mind and make me feel productive I am going to write you letter.

Today I want to talk to you about pain. You seem to know about that. Right now I am watching you grieve for me and it seems to be making you reckless. But grief can do that you-trust me I know. Grief is a little like anger-they are both powerful emotions and if you’re not careful they could change you and make you less of a person than you were.

When I lost Andy I thought the world would crumble around me but it didn’t. However it in the time it took me to deal with my pain I almost cost us all our lives. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did. I am hoping you will come out of the pain induced fog and be the big sister you were meant to be.

I love you and miss you everyday.

Yours Prue.

Prue sticks letter in the Book of Shadows and hopes one day Piper will find it

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Prue does Boston

Jun. 6th, 2006 | 04:11 pm

[[ OOC: I will be honest with you this is a little out of charcter for Prue but it is fun]]

Prue Halliwell adjusted her skirt and took a deep breath as she knocked on the door. Prue was quiet for a long moment and heard no response.

"Come in" a voice commanded. Prue brushed her hair out of her eyes and pushed the door open. She saw a man in an expensive suit sitting behind a large desk. He didn't even look up from his paperwork until prue cleared her throat.

"I am looking for Denny Crane" Prue said.

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Topic #'s 127 and 128theatrical_muse

May. 23rd, 2006 | 08:23 am

A Chance EncounterCollapse )

ComfortsCollapse )

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